Pizza à la Settebello

After reworking my homemade pizza a few months ago, I have been experimenting with different topping combinations. This latest one was inspired by one of the pies we had at Settebello, and turned out really good.

Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella
See "In Pursuit of Pizza Paradise" from my blog for more detailed instructions.

Also known as Italian-style bacon, you can get pancetta from the deli at Harmon's. 5-6 super thin slices are sufficient to cover a 14" pie.

Fresh Basil
One large basil leaf torn into several smaller pieces goes a long way.

Garlic Slices
Instead of mincing the garlic like we usually do, I cut a clove into thin slices and placed them strategically. It's like biting into little garlic land mines.

Toasted Pine Nuts
These add a nice texture to an already flavorful pie. Pine nuts are toasted by heating a dry skillet to medium heat and tossing them for a few minutes until golden brown.

I know chicken alfredo and barbecue chicken are popular amongst the family. What other topping combinations do people like?


Christie said...

mmm.. that looks delish. Pesto, tomato and fresh mozzarella is one of my faves. Looks like I need to branch out though.

Christie said...

Oh, and Dave, I have used that sauce recipe and love it-- so easy and definitely tastes better than bottled.