Feeding 11 year old boys

So Caleb had a small gathering for his birthday with 16 of his closest friends. He actually invited 21, but ONLY 16 came. I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved they all were, they said please and thank you and complimented me on the mint brownies. So anyway, I wanted to write down how much pizza etc, I bought so I could remember. No comments on having Little Caesars, but hey they are 11 and they don't care about gourmet pizza. So I bought 6 pizzas, 3 pepperoni and 3 cheese, 5 crazy bread and 4 liters of soda. There was 1 pizza left and 2 pieces of crazy bread. I bought 2 orange soda, 1 root beer and 1 cream soda. Cream soda was the favorite. The rest of my family was eating too and one of Zach's friends. In case you want a stomachache, they also ate 5 batches of popcorn and who knows how much candy. I also made a cookie sheet sized batch of mint brownies and there was 1/3 of those left.



1 C. Sugar
1 C. Water

Bring just to a boil, so the sugar is completely dissolved in the water.  Remove from heat.

1 C. Lemon Juice (from freshly squeezed lemons or from the bottle, may substitute all or part with lime juice)
4-5 C. Cold Water and Ice

Combine additional water and lemon juice with syrup.  Most of the ice will melt fairly quickly.  Taste and add additional water if it's too strong still or a little more lemon juice if it's too sweet.  Refrigerate and serve.

You can blend up and add fresh strawberries, mango, or other fruit or some sprigs of mint for a flavored lemonade.