Feeding 11 year old boys

So Caleb had a small gathering for his birthday with 16 of his closest friends. He actually invited 21, but ONLY 16 came. I will say I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved they all were, they said please and thank you and complimented me on the mint brownies. So anyway, I wanted to write down how much pizza etc, I bought so I could remember. No comments on having Little Caesars, but hey they are 11 and they don't care about gourmet pizza. So I bought 6 pizzas, 3 pepperoni and 3 cheese, 5 crazy bread and 4 liters of soda. There was 1 pizza left and 2 pieces of crazy bread. I bought 2 orange soda, 1 root beer and 1 cream soda. Cream soda was the favorite. The rest of my family was eating too and one of Zach's friends. In case you want a stomachache, they also ate 5 batches of popcorn and who knows how much candy. I also made a cookie sheet sized batch of mint brownies and there was 1/3 of those left.

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