Reuben Sandwiches

We had our second annual adventure with corned beef this last Sunday. Since I just recently had my first Reuben at a local deli, I wanted to try out making a homemade version with the leftovers.

After getting a whiff of the sauerkraut, Kristen elected to go without. I can't give her too much grief though—sauerkraut is a strange thing. I certainly wouldn't just eat it plain, but it is does contribute to the distinct taste of the sandwich.

• Rye bread
• Corned beef
• Swiss cheese
• Sauerkraut, drained
• Thousand Island dressing
• Butter or margarine

Spread butter over one side of each bread slice. Spread Thousand Island dressing on the other side. Pile the corned beef, cheese, and sauerkraut on top of the dressing.

Heat a large griddle over medium heat. Grill each side until golden brown and the cheese is melted. Slice in half to serve.


Krissy said...

Yeah, the smell of the sauerkraut made me a little nauseous. But the sandwiches were fine without it. Of course, I don't know what I may have been missing.

Christie said...

I've never eaten a reuben sandwich.. but that looks delicious. I think the only time I've eaten corned beef was when I happened to be in St. George on St. Pattys day and Grandma Jones served it to us. Perhaps next year I will start the corned beef tradition at our house..

robmba said...

Everyone should try a reuben sometime. Don't let the strange list of ingredients scare you off.